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To our clients and potential clients, we are thrilled to have you visit our website. Alexander Financial Planning, Inc., is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in personal financial planning and investment management.

We know that life is a journey full of twists and turns. With financial planning you can be more prepared and in a better position to navigate what life brings. Each year there may be changes in the economic environment, tax laws, or you may experience changes in your own personal life. Do you have a way to address these changes in your financial life today? Having a well thought-out plan helps you to stay on course and make adjustments when things get off track. We are here to help you identify the minefields, to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, and to help you achieve your goals. We invite you in to check us out. Your financial security starts with having a plan. Let Alexander Financial Planning help get you there. We work with you. We work for you.

Clarifying DOL

This video is provided for educational purposes to help explain the differences between an advisor at a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA) held to a fiduciary standard versus a sales representative at a brokerage firm held to a suitability standard.

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Financial Transitions

This video is provided for educational purposes to better explain the role that a Financial Transitionist can play in your life.

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