Turning 50

Turning the Big 5-0 last week has given me cause to pause, reflect and take stock of my life. The realization that my life is probably more than half over has been rather difficult. Facing one’s mortality is extremely sobering and I found myself in a bit of a funk for lack of a better word.

Blog Update

We will be taking a break from the blog until next week due to summer schedules. Check back next week for Bob's newest post!

The Importance of Asset Allocation

There are only three categories of investments - Cash, Bonds (aka Fixed Income), and Equities. Within the Equities category there are three sub-categories stocks, real estate and tangibles.  Cash and fixed income are considered debt instruments. This means you are lending your money to an institution to use and they are paying a rate of return for the opportunity to use your money.

Making Sense of the Alphabet Soup

The financial industry is an industry based on and rooted in trust. There is a great deal of trust required between the client and the financial professional, especially on the part of the client. Without the trust of our clients, we financial professionals would not have a livelihood.

What to Keep and What to Toss

I would like to continue the theme that I started last week with “Valuing Your Valuables” of getting our financial homes in order. This week I will discuss which documents should be kept and for how long. From time to time, it is a good idea to review your financial record-keeping method and refine it. Chances are good that it’s time to purge some of your old records.

Valuing Your Valuables

One of the important pieces of financial planning that is often overlooked or left incomplete by clients is what to do about the personal items such as, baseball card or coin collections, antiques, art works, jewelry, family heirlooms etc. These items may hold value, either monetary or sentimental.

Disclaimer & Use of Content

Disclaimer & Use of Content

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