What to Expect



Our First meeting is about Discovery… 

It’s all about whether Alexander Financial Planning is a good fit for you.


WE WANT TO MEET YOU, NOT YOUR BANK STATEMENT. There is no need to bring any financial information with you to this meeting. This is your opportunity to tell us about you - what you value most in life, what your money history is, and what you want for your future. We want to hear your story. We want to understand your expectations and define what would make a great long-term relationship with a financial planner.

Very often people will come with a list of questions. We will also be asking you questions about your financial life. What areas of your life give you the most satisfaction and those that don’t or need attention. If you have a spouse or partner, we’ll expect you both to share so everyone gets heard.

We also will want to give you a preview of what it would be like to work with us.

That’s a lot to talk about in a first meeting. You don’t need to share your financial information until you are comfortable and ready to move forward.


So For This First Meeting:

  • Typically lasts an hour
  • There is no fee for this meeting
  • There is no need to bring your financial information, just you
  • Contact us and we’ll put you on the calendar


At the end of our session, you get to decide whether - and when – to move forward. We’ve had clients say yes a few minutes in and we’ve had some wait a few years to hire us. It’s all good.

We’ll be ready when you are


Here is a Preview of the Alexander Financial Planning Process

AFPs Planning Process.JPG



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