Investment Management

One of the benefits of being involved in investment management since 1981 has been the realization that the more things change, the more they stay the same. History does repeat itself. Over the years we have experienced many different market environments and the number of different type of securities you can invest in can simply be overwhelming. Investment planning needs to have a well defined strategy. It works best if it is aligned with your personal financial goals and it enables us to help you make better investment decisions.  To help you preserve and grow your assets, we adhere to several key principals:

  • Economic Environments play a key role in how they impact underlying securities.
  • Having a methodology which is well defined provides the structure and discipline to weather good and bad market environments. It is the key driver that keeps the emotions of investing at bay.
  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation provide the foundation for how a portfolio is structured to manage long-term risk and return.
  • Diversification among different asset classes and managers helps to reduce risk and enhance rates of return over time.
  • Tax efficiency needs to be addressed, especially in taxable accounts.
  • Low cost investing through no-load mutual funds, ETFs and index funds is preferred.
  • Rebalancing a portfolio when it gets out of alignment helps to reduce risk and increase returns long-term.

Client have also felt more in control of their investment capital by having it all included in one report so they can see their total investment picture. By pulling all the client’s accounts together, it enables us to better manage our client’s risk and return. We address this in a written investment policy statement after we access your risk tolerance, time horizon, cash flow needs, tax situation, and financial objectives. In doing so our goal is to reduce market volatility while working towards a rate of return aligned with your goals.

Our investment research includes fundamental, technical, and cyclical analysis from many different resources. Some that are included, but not limited to are MorningStar, fund prospectuses, S&P reports, Argus reports, Thompson Reuters Stock Reports, financial newspapers and magazines, white papers and research materials prepared by other sources. Employees of AFP also attend on and off site visits with fund and portfolio managers, conference calls, and industry conferences.

Each client’s portfolio is constructed solely for that client. Once your portfolios are in place and implemented, a continual process of review unfolds. This process ensures you are moving closer to your investment and financial goals.

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