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At Alexander Financial Planning, providing peace of mind and eliminating stress for our clients is one of our greatest rewards. By simplifying your financial life through prioritizing, quantifying goals, educating, and weighing pros and cons – we help you arrive at prudent financial decisions.

We offer a departure from many of the financial planning organizations you have to choose from. Many organizations do not provide the option to choose different services. It’s an all or nothing approach. Our “unbundled” structure lets you choose which services you need. You may only need personal financial planning or only investment management. For many of our clients we provide both and we offer two different fee options to choose from when you elect both services. We allow you to engage the services that fit your needs.

That being said, we recognize that a financial plan is not the cure for everything, but it does provide a blueprint to fall back on when you encounter those forks in the road. The longer we are in this business, the more we have realized the power of having a plan which drives all your decisions. Investing cannot be done in a vacuum. It is one component of a well thought out plan. It is the overall financial plan that we revisit when we are asking the big questions.

  • What were my assumptions and where are they now?
  • How am I processing towards my goals?
  • Can I continue to spend at my current level and not jeopardize my future standard of living?
  • Did the market drop throw me off course?
  • Can I afford to pay for long-term care insurance?
  • Which is the most appropriate pension option that I should choose?
  • Do I need to make any adjustments?


Our Services Include:

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