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​Scam Proof Your Life 

By Sid Karchheimer

Eye opening information on a multitude of scmas! A manual to avoid getting ripped off, this book is written by an expert on scams used for home/car repair, telephone service, credit cards, e-mail fraud, and ID thelf to name a few. Plus, how to save money on health care, college, and home mortgage costs.




The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge

By Ted Klontz, PH.D., Rick Kahler, CFP®   and Brad Klontz, PSY.D.
Do you want to change your relationship with money? Learn what a money script is and how ot modify the scripts that are keeping you from achieving your ultimate goals. Includes exercises to assist you in becoming aware of your ideas about money and identifying your life aspirations. A life changing opportunity is within the pages of this book through five timeless financial principles.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

By Burton G. Malkiel
An enjoyable financial read with easy to understand and follow advice.  A good first book to read about the Stock Market, it contains a sample of different investment strategies. It provides information on how to rate stocks, bonds, and other investments potential.

The Richest Man in Babylon                          

By George S. Clason

A motivational book applying ancient financial secrets to today, indicating that finance is governed by everlasting rules. Written in a simple, fun narrative, each chapter delves into a different area of personal finance. This book does not reveal the secret to making money, but rather how to keep and grow money. Learn how to start building wealth with the money you already earn. Customize a successful financial plan to your situation




The Wealthy Barber                                        

By David Chilton

A humorous read detailing the basics of financial planning in easy to understand terminology. Learn the founding principles everyone should know prior to saving for your families’ future. This book explains many concepts including paying yourself first, wills, life insurance, purchasing a home, retirement savings, and minimizing income tax.

Get a Financial Life                                       

By Beth Kobliner

If you’re just beginning your financial journey, this book is for you. It is an introduction to the fundamentals of personal finance delivering the basic concepts through stories. The book is an easy to understand outline for young adults who desire to achieve financial stability. The book is broken into chapters so the reader can go directly to sections containing information pertaining to their personal situation. Chapter 1 contains eight important steps to creating a good financial life.

Time is Money                                                  

By Frances Leonard

Great information for young investors wanting to ensure their financial future, this book outlines a 4-step plan. Explains basic financial concepts with quizzes at the end of each chapter to assist you in gaining the most important details. A good read for those without mutual fund and stock experience.
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