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"Listening to your story and helping to plan for the life you want makes my vocation energizing and rewarding."


What you experienced growing up impacts how you make financial decisions today. My first solid memory of money discussions were on Saturday mornings when my parents would sit at the kitchen table. They would talk about the bills they were paying and balancing the checkbook. My mom was more of the saver and my dad was slightly more of a spender, but they both believed in being honest, paying their bills on time and having as little debt as possible. My parents were depression babies, they were the first in their families to have college degrees and they both had strong work ethics. My dad lost his job in one of the first white-collar "downsizing" events that took place in the mid-70's. Back then, that was a new term. I was a sophomore in high school at the time and from that point on my perspective of money changed. For my dad it was demoralizing and he felt ashamed. Psychologically he never got over it. My mom continued working full-time until she was 70.

I took an unexpected turn while I was pursuing a degree in Education and Psychology at Bowling Green State University. Prior to leaving for London, England, where I did my student teaching, I had to complete an elective. The only course available was Personal Finance. To my amazement I found it fascinating. After teaching a few years, I started working toward my calling. First at Merrill Lynch, next at a small money management firm in Dublin and then at a financial planning firm in Upper Arlington. In my quest to be a financial planner, no one seemed to be providing this service in the manner in which I felt it should be done. I wanted to help people who had a vested interest in achieving their dreams and to conduct this in a personable and relaxed environment. So, as one of the few women in this profession at that time, I founded Alexander Financial Planning. It was my background in education and psychology combined with my passion in personal finance that has led me to this vocation.  

We are all a product of our past. No two stories are alike. We have pre-conceived notions about money based on where we have come from. Appreciate where you are; value where you have been; allow yourself the understanding to build a bridge between these two. 

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