Tracey Guthrie

Tracey Guthrie

Office Manager

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I was raised by adoptive parents with a 17 year age difference between them. Mom was the older spouse, born in 1917 and despite working for a stockbroker, she invested solely in real estate. Dad was a liberal spender. Together they owned and operated a sole proprietorship where dad was a veterinarian and mom kept the books. I never knew it growing up, but later learned they struggled to balance income and overhead of the business with the needs (and wants) of the family. I’ve tried to live “within my means” because failing to maintain this balance can be stressful.

I am a creative soul and attended cosmetology school to fill a year after graduating from high school as a junior. I wanted to become an interior designer and earned an associate’s degree before getting married. Plans to begin a home renovation business with my husband were thwarted by news that we were instead to be parents. My husband took a company job with benefits and I spent 10 years at home. During that time, I became a Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of Ohio but learned that I did not enjoy relying on commission sales.

When choosing to re-enter the work force, I was seeking a part-time job with minimal travel and overhead that would permit me to maintain a presence at home. I took a position with Alexander Financial Planning to learn about money but have experienced more growth and fulfillment than I ever anticipated. I have been with Alexander Financial Planning since November 2001. Working to help our clients find and maintain their own balance is personally rewarding for me.

I currently live in Upper Arlington. My husband and I have three children and I enjoy music, sports and RV camping with my family.

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